At the 2019 EOA Conference we announced three ground-breaking new learning programmes under the name “EO Learn”. These three programmes have been designed with insights from employee owned businesses by organisations who have an understanding of the sector. Below you’ll find a summary of each programme on offer as well as contact details for each provider if you would like to enquire about further information:

Leadership Apprenticeship Programmes by Grant Thornton and Activate Apprenticeships (Level 3 and 5)

These two leadership development programmes focus on how leaders can drive employee engagement through employee voice and uniting employee owners behind a common purpose for both team leaders (Level 3) and more experienced managers or departmental heads (Level 5).

These programmes can be funded with the Apprenticeship Levy or non-levy funding. Successful participants will be awarded an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) or Chartered Management Institute (CMI) diploma. There is also the opportunity to experience the employee ownership modules on employee engagement or finance of employee ownership as one-day workshops as either a public or in-house workshop.

For further information you can view the “Leadership Programmes For Employee Ownership” brochure from Activate Business School & Grant Thornton.

Please direct enquiries to

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Leadership Succession in an Employee Owned Business by Telos Partners and JGadd Associates

Increasingly, business owners are making the transition to employee ownership to address ownership succession. Yet, many remain challenged with leadership succession. And whilst you can find a plethora of leadership programmes – to equip people with leadership skills – few prepare people to lead an organisation. None prepare leaders to lead an employee owned organisation.

To address this, Telos Partners and J Gadd Associates have partnered to design and create the Future Leaders Programme for Employee Owned Businesses with input from the Employee Ownership Association and employee owned businesses.

This programme will help to support a leadership succession process; either as part of a transition or within an existing employee owned business, while also helping future leaders to build succession planning into the business for the future.

For further information about this programme you can view the “Future Leaders Programme for Employee Owned Businesses” brochure from Telos Partners & J Gadd Associates

For enquiries please contact

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Elected Trustee and Employee Director Training Courses by the Employee Ownership Association

Taking on the role of Employee Trustee or Employee Director as a business transitions into Employee Ownership can be a little daunting at first, particularly for candidates without prior experience in a trustee role. Because of demand for support in this area, in 2020 the EOA will be offering a course on “How to be an Effective Employee Director or Employee Trustee”.

This highly practical course will provide new Employee Trustees and Employee Directors with a solid understanding of the requirements of their new role as well as demonstrating how they can maximise their performance as a trustee or director. The course will also educate new employee trustees and directors on how to understand the financial and operational reports they are likely to be presented with, while also showing how they can support the development of a successful employee ownership culture within their organisation.

With a focus on case studies and real-world examples to ensure participants can learn through practical application, this two-day residential course will be delivered by an experienced Course Director and supported by a wide range of guest speakers from employee owned businesses as well as expert speakers from professional service providers.

Further details of this course are available in the brochure “How to be an Effective Employee Director or Employee Trustee”, for any enquiries please contact

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Please note that bookings for the March sessions are now closed, the next available sessions will be in July.

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