Welcome to the eoa, to great employee ownership, and to truly people powered business


Who We Are

At the eoa, we guide businesses through their journey to Great EO, providing support and connections with likeminded organisations, and offering the very best L&D opportunities through resources like the eo Learn and eo Hub platforms, our events and conference, and our annual EO Day celebration.

How We Help

We support people and businesses at any point on their EO journey. We champion and advocate for the growth of EO and build pride in a sector that truly delivers great people powered business

The UK already boasts over 1,650 employee owned businesses who have committed to empowering their people and workplaces with Great EO. And the sector is growing exponentially. 

What We Do

We’re here to support the sector, to share best practice, facilitate intelligent learning and shared experiences.

We provide a platform to recognise the businesses and people who make EO something to be truly proud of.

Underpinning our work is a framework that provides a structured approach to implementing and managing Great EO within a business. 

Discover and activate an EO solution designed for your business. Together, we’ll unlock the potential of people, business, and the economy through employee ownership. 

Discover More

Dive into the data showcasing how the EO sector is punching above its weight across multiple dimensions of impact on individuals, businesses, communities, and the wider economy.

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