More than just another L&D programme

eo Learn provides the knowledge, insight, and guidance needed to help unlock the full potential of employee ownership in your business and embed Great EO

This exclusive curriculum is underpinned by evidence and tailored specifically to the unique needs of EO businesses.

Whether you're looking to enhance your skills, fine-tune your role within the EO Framework, or propel your business to new heights, the growing eo Learn offering has something to support you – no matter where you are in your journey. 

As the voice of the employee ownership sector, we offer courses tailor-made for employee owned businesses.

Courses are delivered by experienced and established experts within the sector, providing a distinctly EO lens to your professional development.

We offer learning opportunities for a wide variety of people at all stages of their EO journey. Whether you want to boost your business or finetune your skills in your own EO role, we’re here to help. You won’t find these exclusive courses anywhere else.  

Why eo Learn? 

Employee owned businesses are different, and so is our L&D offering. 

Our courses provide anyone working in the EO sector with a wealth of data and insights, valuable course materials, and an inspiring, connected cohort to share your journey with. 

Rooted in the EO Framework and powered by the expertise of our fantastic course directors, eo Learn provides an ever-expanding range of learning and development opportunities for businesses looking to implement and manage Great EO.  

Our courses empower you to actively share your successes and learn alongside other employee owners. This means you’ll gain insights into how a range of businesses are maximising their EO. Discover more by watching the video below.

Dive into our full range of courses to discover the knowledge, mindsets, and insights needed to achieve Great EO