Our member companies range from large to medium and small companies and represent a diverse range of sectors that contribute £30bn to UK GDP annually.

Members of the EOA are better connected with other like-minded organisations, allowing them to share best practice, to develop new contacts and to learn how to maximise the value of their employee ownership status.

With a diverse membership representing most sectors, sizes and locations across the UK, members engage in a range of regional and national networking events to learn from each other as well as to benefit from inter-trading opportunities.

If you are not yet a member of the EOA you can visit our join us page to find out about the benefits and membership options

If you’re already a member don’t forget there a number of ways we can support you, offer learning and networking opportunities and work with you.  See how with the help of our members what we achieved in 2017 and our pledges for 2018 in our annual review.

Learning and networking opportunities:

  • You can receive our newsletter EO Today
  • You can receive invites to our signature events – EOA Annual Conference, Robert Oakeshott Lecture, EOA Annual Summer Dinner
  • You can attend our quarterly EOA Regional Networks held in 5 regions

Help raise your profile through your employee owned status:

  • We can support you to tell your EO story
  • We celebrate employee ownership with you as part of EO Day
  • We offer you opportunities to host or contribute to events
  • We offer you exclusive opportunities to sponsor EOA activity

Offering advice and support:

  • You can call our helpline for information and guidance
  • You can speak to your dedicated account manager
  • You can access publications and information

Refer you to others who can help:

  • We can arrange member to member meetings to share experiences
  • We can introduce you to our network coordinators who know the employee owned businesses in your region
  • We can refer you to specialist advisors


“Membership of the EOA has given us access to like-minded people and wide learning from other organisations. This is helpful – it keeps us thinking about how we might further improve our own model of ownership. We also welcome the EOA’s role in ensuring that the voice of the sector is heard.” - Hilary Thompson, Chief Executive, OPM