EOA Specialist Advisors

As part of supporting businesses to become employee owned we have a pool of Specialist Advisors who have a history of helping businesses transfer to employee ownership as well as support their future development.

Collectively they have supported hundreds of businesses to successfully become employee owned. Learn more about them and their professional services.

Baxendale Employee Ownership

Baxendale Employee Ownership is a specialist management consultancy with an industry-leading specialism in employee ownership and ownership cultures.  We specialise in employee ownership and engagement, supporting clients to reimagine, transform and grow their organisations.

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    At Baxendale Employee Ownership, employee ownership is what we do: we help businesses transition into employee ownership and support businesses post transition. We are passionate about helping businesses and business owners find the ownership models that are right for them.

    We can offer start-to-finish support, drawing on the legal and commercial experience of our expert team. As well as creating the financial, legal and governance structures for a transition into employee ownership, we also work with employees to help them understand the changes that are taking place and what employee ownership will mean for them.

    We have a 20-year track record in providing specialist advice and support on employee ownership. We’re employee owned ourselves, so we know the benefits first hand.

Co-ownership Solutions

Unrivalled support and guidance for businesses that are, or want to become, employee owned or worker co-operatives. Fixed fee structure and access to full services legal support.

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    The Co-ownership Solutions story is a simple one. We passionately believe that employee ownership and worker co-operative models provide a better and fairer way of doing business. We want to help form more of them and help develop existing co-owned businesses.
    We don’t do ‘one size fits all’ or impose a prescribed ideological solution.

    We focus on delivering solutions that suits our clients’ specific needs. Our team works with business owners, boards of directors and employees to design and develop employee ownership models and governance structures that suit your specific circumstances, history, culture and future vision.

    Supported by leading legal firm, Blake Morgan LLP, we offer clients a capped fee structure and our clients tell us that we deliver exceptional service and have unmatched expertise – feel free to ask them.


We are experts in employee ownership structuring covering the full range of legal and tax advice in relation to employee buyouts and succession planning.

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    Fieldfisher is a market leading practice with deep expertise in and experience of employee ownership.

    We are passionate about employee ownership as a business model and have a particular presence in the sector following lead partner Graeme Nuttall’s report, ‘The Nuttall Review of Employee Ownership’, which lead to legislation implementing the current use of employee ownership trusts.

    We have acted on some of the most high profile employee buyouts in recent years. We also work with clients who are looking at hybrid ownership models (maintaining a form of direct equity participation for employees) and those with more complex structuring needs, including cross-border issues.

    We are a full service law firm with a network of offices across Europe available to support multi-national businesses. In the UK, we are based in London, Manchester and Birmingham.



We are an employee-owned law firm specialising in employee ownership and employee share schemes.

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    By working with us, you will benefit from:

    With top tier firm and lawyer rankings and over eighteen years of employee ownership and share scheme experience from a wide range of commercial transactions and situations, we are able to stand by your side and ensure you have a solution that is fit for purpose, commercially sound and wherever feasible, tax efficient.

    Since 2003 we have assisted hundreds of businesses in setting up employee share schemes and over 70* companies in making the transition to becoming employee owned. We focus on helping our clients find the approach and structure that is right for them and then assist with putting it in place.

    We’ll listen to what you want to achieve, carefully design a solution to achieve your objectives, and think ahead. We do not provide off-the-shelf or commodity solutions.

    *as at Dec 2021

The RM2 Partnership

We are employee share scheme and employee ownership advisors. We became employee owned ourselves in 2019.

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    For over twenty years RM2 has been advising successful private companies on equity incentives for employees. We help business owners sell their company and benefit employees using Employee Ownership Trusts.

    RM2 Partnership helps private companies set up and run equity incentive schemes, ranging from EMI share option schemes for start-up companies to larger scale all-employee share schemes including Share Incentive Plans.

    Since 2015, the company has developed a market leading position in Employee Ownership Trust (“EOT”) transactions, providing a “one-stop shop” service ranging from initial feasibility to valuation, and assisting with financial structuring, finance raising, and legal documentation.