The 'Proudly employee owned' badge!

The ‘Proudly employee owned’ badge is a symbol of the pride our community of employee owned businesses demonstrate. You are part of a group of businesses that punch well above their weight across multiple impacts for employees, communities, and the economy.

As a sector we take great pride in the concept of employee ownership and the value created by delivering great EO. Our members have told us that they want to be able to celebrate this status in a unified way.

The ‘Proudly employee owned’ badge is a single, consistent, recognisable symbol for our sector that encapsulates our shared commitment to excellence, sustainability, and people-powered growth.

Use the badge to demonstrate your EO Pride

We encourage you to display it proudly, everywhere and anywhere – on websites, letterheads, on flags outside your buildings, tote bags, badges and even on mugs from the kitchen.

Proudly Employee Owned Logo
Proudly Employee Owned Logo