EOA Podcast: Episode 3 – The three pillars of ‘Good EO’

Episode 3 of the EOA Podcast is all about the three pillars of good employee ownership, or ‘Good EO’, that help businesses build an excellent employee ownership culture, which are defined as good communications and engagement, good leadership, and good governance. 

The EOA offers a range of case studies, learning insights and helpful resources around best practice on these three pillars which are showcased during our events and courses, as well as across the sections of this website and on our EO Hub member-only platform.

We also post useful webinars on our YouTube channel, including one aptly titled ‘The Building Blocks of Good EO’ that was published in May 2021 and is well worth a watch for more on that ‘Good EO’ theme.

Episode 3 explores these three building blocks, or pillars, with case study examples from our employee-owned member firms and insights on the latest research into EO businesses.

Episode 3 interviews

Charlotte Tickle, left, Paul Critchley and Sue Lawrence appear in the episode

Charlotte Tickle, People and Culture Director at Devon-based organic farm and UK-wide organic vegetable box delivery company Riverford Organic Farmers, talks about the communications and engagement pillar.

Paul Critchley, the managing director of South West dentistry provider Smile Together CIC, talks about leadership.

Sue Lawrence, the founder of Independent Directors & Trustees Ltd who is an independent trustee to a number of employee ownership trusts (EOTs), specialises in working with EO businesses to implement effective governance structures and speaks about governance.

Sue also talks about the research paper she has co-authored with Simon Carter into the governance of EOTs to highlight any best practice, working in partnership with independent think tank Ownership at Work, the EOA’s research partner.

As well as the latest news on events we have coming up, including the EOA’s AGM on March 31, the episode ends asking someone from within the EO sector ‘why do you love employee ownership?’

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