EOA Podcast: Episode 10: Bringing the EO sector together

Episode 10 of the EOA Podcast focuses on the value of bringing the EO sector together.

Three years after our last in-person EOA Conference, we were all back together again as 670 delegates from across the sector turned out at the ACC in Liverpool on October 3 and 4, 2022, to explore the conference theme of ‘unlocking potential’.

And the EOA Podcast was there to hear first-hand from members what value they get from travelling from different corners of the UK to share their experiences and celebrate all things employee ownership.

This episode hears from a specialist advisor in the sector who has attended every EOA Conference; the Chair of a Trust Board who has been a speaker at both a virtual and an in-person conference; and the Operations Director of a newly transitioned employee-owned business attending the event for the first time.

Episode interviews

Postlethwaite Solicitors: Robert Postlethwaite has attended every EOA Conference and is a member of the EOA Membership Council and Director of Postlethwaite Solicitors, a specialist in employee ownership and share schemes which recently celebrated its 100th EO transition.

Purcell: Alasdair Jones is an associate and architect at employee-owned Purcell, which has more than 70 years’ experience as architects, master planners and heritage consultants. He is the Chair of its Board of Trustees and was a speaker at the virtual 2021 EOA Conference and then again in 2022 when we were back together in person.

Esteem Training Limited: Martina Hofner is the Operations Director at Esteem Training in Glasgow, which transitioned to employee ownership in April 2022. It is a team of 24 that delivers vocational training to the construction sector. She was attending her first EOA Conference.

You will also hear the latest news, events and insights from the EOA this month, while the episode ends asking someone from within the EO sector: ‘why do you love employee ownership?’

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