Aber Instruments | 9:30am – 10:30am | 25th November

Hear from Matthew Lee, Managing Director and Emma Thomas, HR Manager on the employee ownership journey of Aber Instruments: How the Aberystwyth based innovator and supplier of advanced systems for use in the brewing and biotech sectors realised the ‘whoosh effect’ of employee ownership. How ‘walking the extra mile’ has turned into 30% additonal salary through our profit sharing scheme. Four years ago the business was challenged by an offer to buy the business. This made Aber realise the business’ value, not what someone would pay but what it provides to its employees, suppliers, customers and community. To safeguard this for future generations, in 2017 Aber revisited its governance, created its Employee Council and wrote down its values of Innovation, Openness and Collective Responsibility to further harness the power of employee ownership.

Matthew Lee, Managing Director, of Aber Instruments, said:

Employee ownership unites everyone at Aber behind a common purpose – it’s what sets us apart from our competitors, other tech solutions providers, and other employers. And, it’s what makes us strive to always do better. It underwrites the promise we make to our customers, our partners, the communities we work in, and each other as employee owners, every day. And, it reminds and enables us to maintain our commitments to innovation, value creation, sustainability openness, and collective responsibility.

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