Riverford Organic Farmers | 9:30am – 10:30am | 24th November

Hear from Founder Guy Singh-Watson and Director of People and Culture Charlotte Tickle about the employee ownership journey of Riverford: How a founder’s commitment to making sure his business has the best legacy and ensure its long term independence by putting it in the “best hands” has seen excellent results for employees and the business.  Find out about the journey of Riverford and its 900 co-owners in developing an excellent employee ownership culture.

Riverford Organic Farmers Director of People and Culture’s Charlotte Tickle said: 

We have had a fantastic start to being employee owned which is down to how our co-owners have embraced the transition and the work we put in ahead of the move, on our culture and how we bring employee ownership to life.   

We have had an amazing first few years in which our coowners have been able to enjoy a great profit share in the wealth they have helped to create.  We have really seen the benefits and resilience employee ownership has brought during the challenges and opportunities we faced because of Covid 19.

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