Day three – 18.11.2021

100 years of Scott Bader: Unlocking the potential of our people

12:00 – 12:45

The last few years represent a period of accelerated change for Scott Bader as the company has adapted to ensure it stays relevant and alive to the changing opportunities and challenges for the business.

At the heart of this change is empowering people to live Scott Bader values “being the best we can be” to unlock the potential of their people.

Join Dr Kevin Matthews, CEO and Juliet Thorburn, Global HR Director, as they share the story of how they have delivered the period of transformation, reinvention and sustainability as they work towards meeting the Company’s 2036 vision.

You will learn:

  • Scott Bader’s approach to being ‘The best they can be’, including leadership development and ensuring innovation.
  • Training to enable colleagues to fulfil their role as employees and employee representatives.
  • Sustainability approach; employees (including diversity and inclusion and gender pay gap), environment, social and governance.

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About our interviewees:

Dr Kevin Matthews, Chief Executive Officer at Scott Bader 

Kevin Matthews is CEO of employee-owned speciality chemicals company Scott Bader with a clear mandate to unlock the potential of Scott Bader’s people. At the core of this philosophy is a recognition that capability and good leadership at all levels in the Company will result in the best possible service to its customers and drive the necessary change required to develop this 100-year old company internationally with a strong sustainability agenda.

Kevin started his career in multinational chemical companies. Over the past 15 years he has led, as CEO, a number of high growth technology businesses both private and AIM listed. In parallel, he has been a non-executive director on large FTSE listed businesses. Kevin is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a judge for the society’s emerging technology competition. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Society of Chemical Industry whose charitable objectives are to promote innovation and learning in chemistry.

Juliet Thorburn, Global HR Director at Scott Bader 

Julie is an experienced senior Global HR Director, HR Director and Head of HR with multi sector experience who has a passion for delivering people strategies and solutions that contribute to the long term success of organisations. Julie has been successful in delivering business transformation and change, executive coaching and leadership development, talent and performance management.