Day Two – 17.11.2021

13:00 – 13:40

How to become employee owned

So you’ve made the decision for the business to become employee owned, this session will show you how to make it happen.

You’ll learn:

  • How a business can complete a ‘good’ transition to employee ownership – creating an effective plan for delivery, the different models of employee ownership available as well as the financial implications of the transition.
  • What to look out for and to how prepare and manage key moments.
  • Understanding the documents needed for employee ownership, ensuring they are forward thinking.

Join leading employee ownership experts and headline sponsors of the EOA Annual Conference 2021,  Robert Postlethwaite, founder of Postlethwaite, and Jeremy Gadd founder of J Gadd Associates, for a presentation and live Q&A aimed at explorers of employee ownership looking to complete a ‘good’ transition to employee ownership.

They will be joined by Lindsay Tilley, Director from LDA Design who will share their employee ownership journey and explain the organisational changes that occur during transition, examples of issues you may face as well as the many opportunities created by becoming employee owned.


Lindsay Tilley, Director from LDA Design

Lindsay has worked in People roles for the last 15 years. doing her HR ‘growing up’ in Carlsberg UK and was lucky to do a variety of roles there, finishing with a role in development, engagement and communications. Lindsay spent four years with Urban Outfitters supporting the growth of their European Supply Chain, particularly focused on developing an employee focused culture within their distribution campus.

Lindsay joined LDA Design as Head of People in April 2016 and is so excited to be part of this very special organisation. “I’m fascinated by workplace culture and genuinely believe that the culture and leadership of a business can make or break its success. I love to watch people grow and develop, and working with managers and leaders to help them create the environment that brings out the best in people.”