EO Explorer Sessions | Daily 11am-12noon 

Three one-hour seminars with Q&A

If you are looking to exit your business, secure its independence, values and culture for future generations, scale-up or improve performance, then employee ownership could be for you. 

The three explorer sessions are designed to help you understand what employee ownership is, gain insight from the transition journey taken by others and learn what steps you might need to consider if you decided employee ownership was right for you and your business. 

Facilitated by EO Boost sponsors and employee ownership specialists Jeremy Gadd of J Gadd Associates who helps businesses develop an effective employee engagement culture and Robert Postlethwaite of Postlethwaite who is an expert in employee ownership and share schemes.  


Day 1 – A feasability study: is employee ownership for us? 

This introductory session will look at what conditions are needed to make employee ownership succesful and will examine the basics of employee ownership, as well as many of the common reasons that businesses choose to become employee owned. You’ll also hear the employee ownership story of Aardman Animations where they’ll cover why they chose employee ownership, what their goals were and how they resolved their major concerns during the transition process.

Day 2 – How to become employee owned; the best practice project plan

So you’ve made the decision for the business to become employee owned, this session will show you how to make it happen. You’ll learn how to create an effective plan for delivery, the different models of employee ownership available as well as the financial implications of the transition. Jeremy and Robert will be joined by EOA members The Rooflight Company to share their employee ownership journey and explain the organisational changes that occur during transition, they’ll provide examples of issues you may face as well as the many opportunities created by becoming employee owned.

Day 3 – Becoming EO v2.0 – EO businesses reflect on lessons learnt during the transition journey 

Aardman Animations and The Rooflight Co join us once again for an interview style session covering their reflections on what worked and what didn’t, during their employee ownership transition. You’ll learn how to establish an effective management culture, design succession plans and properly allocate roles and responsibilites for everyone throughout the process.

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