London & Capital

London & Capital‘s clients, whether individuals, families or institutions, generally share similar requirements; they have amassed wealth or capital and now need it to be structured and invested in a way that preserves and grows it for the future.


The core of our expertise is managing investments for wealthy families. We specialise in helping clients organise their wealth into a coherent global strategy, invest with a focus on capital preservation and provide clear, concise global reporting regardless of currency or location.


We are also one of the few wealth managers who actively welcome US clients and are both SEC (US) and FCA (UK) , with a dedicated team looking after international American families since 1989. Whether you are a US Citizen or Green Card holder living abroad, a British expat in the US or a foreign entity with US reporting, we are uniquely positioned to assist with wealth planning, investment management and reporting across all global assets.


Both wealthy families and institutions face the complex task of trying to navigate the demands of regulation and international taxation, whilst at the same time, ensuring their money is managed in line with their aims. London & Capital has been built on the skills, expertise and experience necessary to deal with these challenges and make our clients’ lives easier.