On to a winner with keynote Jack Stack

One of the key features of the EOA conference is the quality and calibre of our keynote speakers and we’re certain that we’re on to a winner with author of The Great Game of Business Jack Stack.

The founder, CEO and President of SRC Holdings Corporation and pioneer of the business leadership model known as Open Book Management, Jack has also authored A Stake in the Outcome. 100% employee owned.

His story starts in 1983, in Springfield, Missouri, when with his 12 partners scraped together $100,000 and borrowed another $9 million to buy a failing division of International Harvester. The future looked bleak for the fragile engine-rebuilding plant they called SRC (Springfield Remanufacturing Corp.). Its debt-to-equity ratio was 89-to-1. Jobs hung in the balance, and morale was in the pits. Facing potential ruin, the partners needed a way to fire up their 119 employees—and try to engage their hearts and minds as much as their hands.

He took the bold move of embarking on a new way of managing more in sync with human nature; a simple, sensible, replicable and reliable approach that could harness the collective knowledge and good sense of his employees. Necessity being the father of invention, Stack took the elements of any game (teams, rules, scores, results), applied them to the daunting task of righting SRC and taught the employees to read financial statements, work as a team, generate some cash and win. They called their novel management system The Great Game of Business.

Combined with employee ownership, remarkable gains were made in a few years……. But Jack will reveal all during his keynote speech at the Conference!

As well as Jack’s keynote speech, two exclusive workshops on the Great Game will be facilitated by Arend Welmers, CEO of Great Game UK where you can learn to play the dynamic, high-stakes game of business in your own company.

There’s still chance to book tickets for the EOA Conference but spaces are now limited, so don’t miss and book your place now. If you’ve already booked your tickets to the conference, don’t forget to complete the second stage of your booking to ensure your place at your chosen seminars and workshops as places will be limited. Contact Jane Osborne Price on 01823 362800 or email jane.osborneprice@prospects.co.uk