Vox Pops International transitions to an EOT to give its employee owners ‘collective control of their futures’

Vox Pops International says its transition to employee ownership will enable its employees to have “collective control of their future” and “share in the success” of the business.

The company, which is based in Epsom, Surrey, announced the move to employee ownership at the end of March and “can’t wait to embark on this new journey together”.

Vox Pops International operates in the UK and worldwide for major brands and agencies to bring consumer insight to life and put the consumer at the heart of the business.

The firm has been at the forefront of using video for research and training purposes for over 30 years, and also has an in-house animation facility.

The team at Vox Pops International

It believes one of the reasons for the company’s ongoing success “is the team of people working for and in the business”.

Diane Earnshaw, founder of Vox Pops, who set up the company in 1988, had been looking for ways to secure the long-term future of the company, and was keen to ensure “that the people who actually work in the business benefited, and had direct input into its future”.

In order to empower the employees, Vox Pops International has set up an employee ownership trust (EOT), which will put the company in the hands of the team and make them the direct beneficiaries of the company’s future success.

It has stated establishing employee ownership through the EOT at Vox Pops International will “provide continued job security for all employees and will enable them to have collective control of their future and continue to deliver exceptional client service and content”.

Diane said: “We are really excited about our move to becoming an employee-owned company. We have a fantastic team here and I’m so pleased that they will be able to share in the current and future success of the business.”

Employee ownership has rapidly grown in popularity, with a number of other companies in the research sector such as BritainThinks, DJS Research and Wavehill making the move to becoming employee-owned.

For more information about Vox Pops International, visit www.voxpops.com

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