UK EO Awards Highly Commended: Surplus resources drive community impact

The energy and commitment in driving a wide reaching impact at East Coast Community Healthcare (ECCH) was Highly Commended by the awards judges.

Serving Norfolk and Suffolk, ECCH has been employed owned for 6 years, employs 880 staff and has an impressive rating of 98% of its customers saying they would recommend its services.

ECCH is one of the first providers to introduce Out of Hospital Teams so patients can be treated in their own homes and has also developed health coaching for 300 staff from 32 partner organisations to help provide better care.

The business has also supported schemes that have been funded through surplus resources including free infant resuscitation classes for parents, saving vital services such as sports clubs and breastfeeding services, opening a quality pre-school facility where there was a gap in provision and helping unemployed young people into work or training.