UK EO Awards Highly Commended: EO resilience drives rapid recovery

Golder Associates was highly commended by Judges as a great example of how employee owned businesses can deal with tough decisions and situations.

The global design and construction services consultancy has been employee owned for 57 years and employs 6500 worldwide, with 120 people in five offices across the UK in Bourne End, Edinburgh, Leeds, London and Nottingham.

Golder has enjoyed a long and successful history, with a strong and differentiated market position but saw its fortunes challenged in 2014/15 with a decline in the natural resources sector causing the firm to experience its first ever operating loss.

By revisiting the purpose of its employee ownership, Golder engaged employees during a difficult time of restructure and redundancies and in 2016, it emerged leaner and back on track with one of its most profitable years yet in 2017.