The EOA member survey is now live – our survey needs you!

The EOA’s first full member survey has launched.

As the membership continues to grow alongside the sector the association needs make sure it delivers its strategy of making the EOA membership a more compelling proposition as well as developing thought leadership, member voice and partnerships to generate greater awareness, demand and influence.

The survey will help the EOA to plan to remain relevant and fit for purpose for the future.

The survey will land in the inboxes of 1,200 individuals from the 380+ members of the EOA, is also open to all members via the membership page on the EO Hub.

The survey will be delivered by EOA member Surveylab, who won the tender to deliver the survey.

Sponsor of the survey, EOA member Cambridge Weight Plan, said:
“As a proud member of the EOA and a strong advocate for engaging your stakeholders we are delighted to sponsor the EOA’s Member Survey. We encourage as many of you to fill it out as possible so the EOA can continue to provide a membership proposition that meets the needs of members now and for the future.”

Deb Oxley, Chief Executive of the EOA, said: “This survey is the chance for you our members to tell us what matters to you – what works, what you want less of or what’s missing.

Member voice is essential to the work of the EOA and your input will help us to continue to evolve a compelling membership proposition while further developing our reach through influencing and partnerships.”