Interact Becomes the First Employee-Owned Contact Centre Outsourcer

Interact has become the UK’s first employee owned contact centre outsourcer after selling the majority of its shares into an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). 

Assisted by Postlethwaite Solicitors and supported by Baxendale Employee Ownership, it sold 91.6% of the company into the EOT in November 2023 using a hybrid model. 

As well as allowing employees to share directly in its success, this structure upholds Interact’s entrepreneurial origins and commitment to its people-focused, customer-centric culture.   

“Making sure the Interact team are rewarded for their loyalty and hard work is hugely important, as is future-proofing the business for the long-term,” says Chairman Neil Perring.  

“Interact has been named ‘Outsourced Contact Centre of the Year’ twice this year due to our focus on people and customer experiences.  

“The move to employee ownership will ensure this focus remains, allowing our employees and clients to remain Interact’s No. 1 priority.”  

Making the Move to EO

Born of a desire to maintain a family feel, Interact keeps its people at the epicentre of its decision-making. 

During Board discussions, it was strongly felt that the EOT approach was more closely aligned with the company’s values and business approach.  

Moreover, it was felt that its team – especially those who’ve been with the company for a significant amount of time – deserved to profit from their contribution to its success. 

“One of the objectives for the move to an Employee Ownership Trust is to strengthen the relationship between the success of the business and the rewards our employees receive. Running contact centres is a people-focused business,” says Interact CEO Neil Barber. 

“Having a well-motivated team is critically important in delivering high standards of service. Every member of our team now has a real stake in the success of our business. This is the start of a new and exciting journey.”   

Bringing EO to life

Interact is already embedding Great EO across the business with plenty more initiatives on the way. 

It currently has its own employee forum and a multitude of feedback and engagement programmes in place but aims to refine these to make them even more fruitful.  

It’s also changing its language across the Board. For example, employees are now ‘Members’ and colleagues have become ‘Fellow Members’.  

Interact will also be hosting a huge Members Day where its people can enjoy their profit earnings. This includes a Summer Festival.  

Established in 2011, Interact has forged strategic partnerships with numerous industry-leading brands, consistently delivering excellent customer satisfaction and establishing robust sales avenues. It has grown year on year to become one of the UK’s leading independent contact centre outsourcers.  

“Seeing businesses become employee owned never fails to make my day,” says EOA CEO James de le Vingne.  

“It’s great to see another business making use of the flexibility that a hybrid ownership model offers. No two transitions are the same, and it’s about ensuring what’s right for the founders, the employees, and the future of the business. I don’t doubt Interact has a very bright future ahead.”