Guide to Structuring Employee Ownership

EOA and Postlethwaite collaborate on new guide for those considering employee ownership

The Employee Ownership Association and leading employee ownership legal firm Postlethwaite have collaborated to produce a  Guide to Structuring Employee Ownership. Published today and free to download the guide is for those in the very early stages of considering employee ownership.

Deb Oxley, Director of Membership, EOA, said: “This is an invaluable guide providing specialist advice for those considering taking the journey towards employee ownership and complements our previous publication, the How to Get Started Guide.  The guide navigates the reader through the different models and the tax implications of each. It includes the most recent government legislation, explains key terms and includes flowcharts and diagrams to help readers through the various stages of employee ownership from inception to completion. ”

Sponsor of the report Robert Postlethwaite, said: “The guide is not meant to be a substitute for professional advice. It will enable you to map the terrain, so that if you do then decide on a definite move to employee ownership you will know what it looks like, understand the process of creating it and be more able to explain it to your colleagues. If you do decide to seek advice, the guide will quickly help you become an informed client and help you obtain the maximum benefit from using a professional adviser.”

The Employee Ownership Association regularly publishes a range of free reports and guides for those who want to find out more about employee ownership. The EOA provides a bespoke membership package that includes personalised support, introductions and referrals. You can find out more about how to join the EOA here.