Expand Your Understanding of Succession with Deep EO Research

“It is pretty hard taking over a founder, they’ve built a lot of history in the business, making sure the founders understand that problem and don’t revel in being the hero.” 

Achieving great employee ownership (EO) hinges on the experience of leadership succession at the heart of any transition as the above quote illustrates. 

Although employee ownership brings a myriad of positives for employees – including fairer pay; a happier, more engaged workplace; increased investment in training and skills; and greater wellbeing support – the process of a business becoming EO begins with succession.  

There’s no overstating the importance of getting this step right – as much for the outgoing leader as the individual or individuals taking over the reins.  

That’s why we’ve recently launched a new course as part of our growing EO Learn programme offering to provide a primer on understanding and implementing leadership succession in your business.  

Best of all, the course is built on robust research into leadership succession in employee owned businesses (EOBs), ensuring learning outcomes are all underpinned by real world evidence.  

The Secrets of Successful Leadership Transitions 

Last year, we commissioned two of our partners – Telos Partners and J Gadd Associates – to shed light of what works, what doesn’t, and what commonalities lead to successful leadership transitions.  

The Road to Succession: Exploring Leadership Succession in Employee Owned Businesses’ is based on insights from interviews undertaken with founders and successors from twenty-five EOBs, all of them members of the EOA.  

From these interviews, key themes and recommendations were extrapolated to provide valuable guidance to those planning or undergoing leadership succession.  

Filled with experience and advice from those who’ve navigated the intricacies of leadership succession in EOBs, the report provides a source of inspiration, knowledge, and practical guidance.  

“Whether you are a founder, successor, employee owner, customer, or supplier to an employee owned business, this report will help you address the questions and uncertainties that arise during this critical journey,” says James de le Vingne, CEO of the EOA.  

Deep Insights 

Our EO succession masterclass was launched out of this groundbreaking research to provide proactive guidance and actions for new and recently transitioned EOBs.   

Delivered by experts from Telos Partners and J Gadd Associates, the one-day event enables you to understand how to plan and implement a change in leadership.  

Whether you’re a new or established leader, this course will help you understand the key elements of a great EO business and how to position both yourself and the business for long-term success. 

The interactive workshop will provide an opportunity to learn from other leaders facing a similar challenge, gain insights into best practice, share experiences, and exchange ideas that will enable individuals to navigate the challenges of leadership succession.   

Who’s the Course For? 

The course is aimed at: 

  • Any individual or leadership team taking over from an owner of a business transitioning to EO – or already employee owned 
  • Anyone who’s recently moved into a key leadership role as a successor of an EO business 

Don’t Miss Out 

Click or tap here to book onto the course, or email eolearn@employeeownership.co.uk 

The course takes place on 25th April 2024 at the London HQ of our Trustee member Howden Group, One Creechurch Place, EC3A 5AF.  

Pass along the link to anyone you feel would benefit from enhancing their understanding of EO leadership succession.