EOA welcomes Chancellor’s latest economic statement.

Deb Oxley, Chief Executive of the EOA said: “The EOA welcomes the Chancellor’s economic statement. It will provide much needed support to protect jobs and give confidence to businesses across the country.


“In the Spending Review we would like to see the Chancellor commit to long term action to address the issues uncovered by this pandemic – that the economy has not been working in the best interest of those who are key to powering it – the workers.


“To build back better it is essential that the government commits to supporting more businesses to give employees a stake and a say in the businesses where they work, which we have evidenced as supporting better work, more resilient local economies, tackling income inequality and as uniting leaders and employees behind a common purpose to drive performance and productivity.


“The focus on business ownership, shared responsibility and the resilience this generates has never been more been more relevant to the long term sustainability of UK.”