EOA Network Focus: Scotland

By Jacqui Martin, EOA Scotland Regional Network Coordinator

I’ve been delighted to facilitate the EOA regional networking meetings in Scotland this year. Having worked with employee owned for companies for over 6 years I know how much value can arise from getting together to discuss issues that are specific to the world of employee ownership.

Regular attendees include Scott & Fyfe who manufacture industrial textiles in Tayport, Network ROI in Edinburgh who provide IT support, consultancy and installation services and John Lewis, the UK’s largest employee owned company who have stores in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

This mix of organisational sector replicates the good mix  of levels within organisations with managers, staff and non-executive directors in attendance. It’s a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience with others whether you are a former owner or a new employee owner, talking to others always proves invaluable for the attendees.

We’re now half way through the year with two meetings having taking place and another two still to go. We’re grateful to Saxton Bampfylde and Co-operative Development Scotland (CDS) who respectively hosted meetings in February and May, and we are always open to offers to host meetings from EOA members.

We kick off with welcomes and introductions followed by an update on the EOA from Oliver Smith who is Head of Membership.  Typically followed by a presentation from an employee owned business or a professional in the field. Earlier in the year Peta Hay gave a talk on Succession and Talent Development within Saxton Bampfylde and Glen Dott from CDS gave a general overview of employee ownership in Scotland. The objective is that the content is always relevant and informative for those in the room to take back to their business and explore the impact of any advice and guidance.

The next two meetings will focus on employee engagement and growth in an employee owned company and how to capitalise on being employee owned.

We’re happy for non-members to attend one of our meetings to see whether or not they would like to join so please get in touch if you’d like to do so.

Finally, it’s your network so if you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve it then please get in touch (jacqui@4purpose.co.uk). Hope to see you there!