EOA Membership Council holds first meeting

The new EOA Membership Council will provide an important voice for all EOA members and we’re delighted to have recruited 15 representatives from within the membership to represent members of all sizes from across the entire UK.

At is first meeting in early May, the Membership Council agreed its role to provide  additional support and insight to the EOA as it continues to develop its services in line with members’ needs.

Membership Council Chair, Alden Whittaker-Brown, of Arup, tells us his thoughts and hopes after the first meeting:

“The first meeting of the EOA Membership Council confirmed that we have assembled a capable and enthusiastic team with a collective determination to support the EOA in honing its range of services for members of every scale and type.

“The panel of 15 members is fully representative of the EOA with a near even split of men and women from organisations of every industry, size, ownership model and geography.

“We affirmed our role within the wider EOA family and began our work focussing on what the EOA can best offer to each type of member organisation to support each member on their journey and the wider EOA strategic goals of ‘Membership Excellence’ and ‘Membership Growth’.

“Our first volunteers for a ‘Task and Finish’ Group have committed to working between meetings to help define an offering around a possible online forum to allow communication and engagement among members that will bring useful and tangible benefits.

“We will meet quarterly, between EOA Board meetings, and at our next meeting, having established who we are, what we intend to achieve, and how best to go about our work, we will crack-on with the detailed work of prioritising the EOA’s best offer to various members and finessing proposals for the EOA to consider.”

The next meeting of the EOA Membership Council be on July 18.

For more about the EOA Membership Council visit our web page.