EOA launches EO Learn to support the sector to thrive

The EOA has launched EO Learn with a trio of learning programmes that support employee owned businesses to succeed.

The courses are in answer to demand from hundreds of employee owners and businesses through the EOA’s member survey and via enquiries at the EOA’s Annual Conference.

Key contributors from the employee owned sector have liaised with EOA members to build courses that hone the skills of leaders and employee representatives in employee owned businesses including:

  • Leadership Succession in an Employee Owned Business by Telos Partners & JGadd Associates prepares a business not just for an employee ownership succession but also a leadership succession.
  • Leadership Apprenticeship Programmes by Grant Thornton & Activate Business School (Level 3 & 5) offers two leadership development programmes that focus on how leaders can drive employee engagement – team leaders (Level 3) and more experienced managers or departmental heads (Level 5).
  • How to be an Effective Employee Director or Employee Trustee by the EOA offers a highly practical course that will provide Employee Trustees and Employee Directors with a solid understanding of the requirements of their role and how they can maximise their impact.

The courses that have been developed by partners with the support of the EOA, as well as the EOA launching its own course for the first time, have been established with the support and insight from the sector.

Deb Oxley OBE, Chief Executive of the EOA, said: “As the employee ownership sector starts to mature we have become aware of the need for some specific learning programmes for employee owned businesses.

“Each of the three programmes we have launched with EO Learn will answer the calls we made in the Ownership Dividend for learning and EO modules that helps employee ownership in the UK to become more respected, more widespread and more successful as it moves into the mainstream of business ownership.”

For more information on the courses and how to enrol visit the EOA’s web page www.employeeownership.co.uk/eolearn