EOA calls for evidence ahead of #EODay

We’re calling on employee owned businesses to take just a few minutes to complete the following surveys in order to help us build a better picture of the performance of the EO sector in the face of COVID-19, informing and supporting the EOA’s future campaigning and lobbying activities. We’ll be sharing the results of these surveys on the 25th of June as part of our EO Day celebrations.


EO Health & Wellbeing Surveys

Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace has never been more important as we’ve all faced the Covid-19 crisis. We know that employee owned businesses put people first and we want to understand how important this has been to you during these challenging times.

We’ve prepared two surveys, one for EOBs and one for Public Service Mutuals, these can be completed by anyone in your organisation so please do share these surveys as widely as possible. These surveys should only take around 4 minutes to complete.

Complete the EOB Health & Wellbeing Survey
Complete the Public Service Mutual Health & Wellbeing Survey


EO Business Resilience Survey

The Covid-19 crisis has presented all businesses with challenges and disruption, the likes of which we have not seen for a generation. Anecdotal evidence has told us that employee owned businesses were more resilient than their non-employee owned counterparts throughout the crisis, so the EOA is looking to explore this in more detail.

These questions are designed to be answered by senior leaders in EOBs with access to financial and operational information, they should only be completed once per organisation. Your answers are confidential and will not be publically attributed to your organisation without explicit consent.

Complete the EO Business Resilience Survey