EO businesses urged to contribute to ownership survey to help define impact on society

The Employee Ownership Association is calling on its members to take part in a piece of research that will help to deliver insights into the role different business models have in society.

The EOA has agreed to be a partner on the innovative survey that looks at models of business ownership, culture and work practices, and the impacts of these on the locations in which they operate or serve.

Supporting the Building Societies Association (BSA) on its research project, delivered via YouGov, the EOA joins the Association for Financial Mutuals, Coops UK and Social Enterprise UK in representing a mix of ownership structures.

The research, which will seek comparisons in culture and work practices between traditional shareholder models of PLCs and privately owned businesses and inclusive models such as employee owned, cooperatives and mutual, could offer the EOA the opportunity to gain insights that may help it to influence the government in the future.

The EOA is therefore calling on its members to get in touch to receive a unique URL to share with all of their employee owners with a closing date for completion of Thursday 23 January 2020.  

Deb Oxley OBE, Chief Executive of the EOA, said: “We urge employee owned businesses to get involved with the survey. Not only will the results support the EOA to be able to better campaign for more employee ownership in the future, it will also give each business that takes part a chance to gain insights from within their own business and compare this with the wider data set.”

To register your interest or discuss this further please speak to Anne.Richardson@employeeownership.co.uk or call on 01482 692544