Environet roots its future in the hands of its employees

The EOA welcomes the employee ownership transition of a Surrey-based company which specialises in the removal of Japanese knotweed.

Environet UK, which started life 25 years ago, has been handed over to its workers by its founders and owners with shares transferred into an employee ownership trust (EOT). Their transition to Employee Ownership was assisted by EOA members Postlethwaite.

Nic Seal will remain as managing director and the existing senior management structure has been bolstered with the promotion of Emily Grant and Mathew Day to directors.

Seal said: “My wife Bertie and I have grown Environet organically from a start up in 1996 to become the UK’s foremost authority on Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants.

“We took the decision to transfer ownership of the company primarily to strengthen the team and reward our employees for all their hard work and contributions.

“With an indirect stake in the business, I’m confident our staff will be more committed and engaged than ever, so that Environet continues to fly the flag for sustainability and eco-innovation.”

EOTs were Introduced in 2014. Deb Oxley, chief executive of the Employee Ownership Association, added: “We congratulate Environet on its move to employee ownership – sustaining its values and independence for the longer term.

“Businesses that give employees a stake and a say build trust and shared responsibility, therefore uniting leaders and employees behind a common purpose.”