UK EO AWARDS: Angela leads a new era of ownership

If a change of employee ownership structure is Childbase Partnership’s new symphony, then Angela Brown is its conductor.

This is the case put forward by her colleagues – citing her as a highly visible and passionate ambassador of employee voice and ownership – and it has seen her named by judges as the UK Employee Ownership Awards’ Employee Owner of the Year

As the first ever elected chair of the Partnership Council, after 8 years serving as one of its members, Angela has taken charge of the council just four months after the business changed its employee ownership from direct shares and being 70% employee owned to being 100% of the shares being held in an employee ownership trust the benefit of all its employees.

Angela has immediately taken to training an influx of new councillors (each of which represent one of the partnership’s 42 day nurseries) and shaping its work by setting up four working groups to improve key areas of importance to employees and the success of the business.

Leading the council, which is tasked with improving engagement at every level of the business, sits alongside Angela’s day job as deputy manager of the Woodcote Day nursery where she acts as a business leader, early years practitioner and mentor to her staff.

In doing so Angela has become the face of the organisation both internally and externally. She makes sure its employee ownership culture, values and story are understood, embedded and are empowering employees to input and act as well as inspiring other businesses to become employee owned.

In her own words to the businesses 1800 employees Angela heralded an exciting time where “working together and sharing ideas is vital to take the company to new levels of success an achievement” and the practices she is putting in place to bring employee voice to the fore are already resulting in increases in employee satisfaction.

Judge Anne Buckley, Partner and Head of Assurance, John Lewis Partnership said: “Angela is very much the business’s public face of EO, creating training programmes, establishing working parties, instigating the ability for staff to have their voice and has structured sustainable long term initiatives to empower employees to drive improvements and is clearly warmly received by everyone at the business.”