The Empirical Case for EO

Deb Oxley, Director of Membership for the Employee Ownership Association (EOA) last night addressed a gathering of accountants, bankers, business owners and advisers hosted by Shakespeare’s legal services in Milton Keynes.

Leading the seminar she outlined the value of employee ownership to the UK economy, which now outperforms the aerospace sector, contributing £30bn annually to UK GDP. She also highlighted the success of a recent campaign, led by the EOA, which has seen new tax incentives being introduced for those considering employee ownership.

Deb Oxley, said: ” Events like this hosted by Shakespeare’s  play a very important role in boosting awareness levels  of employee ownership as a successful business ownership model.  We know that awareness remains a barrier and whilst most banks do support EO there needs to be a greater understanding of the model.”

Mike Thompson, CEO of The Childbase Partnership, a leading employee-owned business  for  over 25 years, joined the speakers. He spoke about how employee ownership can help with recruitment and retention of staff in the longer term and that externally the employee ownership ‘brand’ can help to raise a company’s profile, something that may be considered a commercial advantage.