EOA partners up to launch new course to support businesses to develop good EO

The EOA is launching a new course aimed at leaders and managers in an employee owned business to helps businesses develop good employee ownership and unlock the potential of people and their business.

Telos and J Gadd Associates, in partnership with the EOA, have developed a programme to equip leaders and managers with the right tools and mindset to drive success in an employee-owned business.

The Ownership Dividend report 2018 evidenced that when then the interests of leaders and employee owners are aligned it unites them behind a common purpose allowing them to innovate, flex and demonstrate resilience. From this good leadership was indentified as one of the three key building blocks of good employee ownership, bringing to life, good governance and good communications and engagement.

Deb Oxley, Chief Executive of the EOA said: “Beyond  the transition to employee-ownership, there is a transformative process that needs leaders that have a mindset that embraces change, encourages innovation, promotes learning, builds resilience and delivers growth in themselves and others.

“This is why we are delighted to work with Telos and J Gadd Associates who bring a wealth of insight, experience and expertise to deliver this learning.”

The course will run over 5 virtual half-day sessions across 3 months, and will support leaders and managers to foster and develop a growth mindset and engage, inspire and empower employees. It will equip leaders and managers with:

  • An enhanced understanding, confidence and capability in core leadership skills required to lead others effectively at all levels in the organisation.
  • An insight into how to unlock the potential of employee ownership through successful engagement and how to create high performing teams.
  • A personalised Growth Mindset (Mindset Advantage) report to support continued self-development and application outside of the programme.
  • An established peer support network from other like-minded individuals.
  • Greater clarity around further opportunities for personal and organisational growth.

If you or someone in your team is keen to experience an immersive personal development programme and benefit from a mixture of sharp, focused input, practical application and facilitated reflection on real experiences to bring the learning to life, then you can review more about the Course here and register for the first course, commencing in October here.