EOA supports the CBI snap survey ‘how business are preparing for Brexit’ – Have your say!

As part of ensuring that the employee owned sector is represented at the heart of UK business, the EOA has recently joined the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and is now a member of the CBI’s Trade Association Council. Both will enable the EOA to represent our members’ voices alongside other leading trade associations and membership bodies.

As many of our member businesses are likely not to be corporate members of the CBI, the EOA’s membership now provides our member businesses and their employee owners with valuable additional benefits, which we will outline in more detail over the next few months.

However, an immediate opportunity that we wish to make members aware of is the opportunity to share their views about how their businesses are preparing for Brexit by responding to the survey below before 5 pm on 5th September.

The answers will directly impact how the CBI will communicate the views of business to government, MPs and the EU, as well as helping to share best practice across the business community.

To complete the survey please click here>>