Can your business go from survive to thrive? Join our latest case study-led webinar

Necessity is the mother of all invention – an old proverb given new salience during the Covid-19 crisis.

From cafes becoming takeaways, or producing their own products, to manufacturers quickly changing to deliver PPE equipment, there are thousands of stories of how businesses have innovated.

But whatever your Covid-19 status and experience, from temporarily closing, applying for finance to quickly having to deliver your business virtually from home, there are two things businesses are starting to realise:

1. You have had to act quickly and have learnt things that would otherwise have seemed impossible to deliver in such a short space of time.

2. That at the same time as trying to survive, you need to be planning to help you to thrive in the future.

Therefore, this week’s EOA Better Together webinar focusses on ‘How to start planning for the future’ post Covid-19 lockdown and emerge from the crisis in the best place possible.

So, it’s time to take stock and think, what will we continue doing, what will we do less off, what should we do more of? Is our current strategy fit for purpose?

This week’s webinar takes you through the experiences of two global EOA member businesses that started in the UK; with producer and retailer Lush Handmade Cosmetics focusing on certain products as well as what the their retail experience might look like over the coming months and Sheffield based manufacturer Gripple on what they have learnt from the past 8 weeks that could help them thrive in the future, even possibly accelerating some parts of their current strategy.

Backed by an insightful overview of the SME market from CEO of Be the Business Tony Danker, which will look at the four behaviours/states of businesses during the Covid-19 crisis and how to change between those different states of being – from survive to thrive.

Join us on May 14 at 11am.