Businesses tell their EO story for EO Day 2018

Thousands of employee owners are celebrating EO Day by telling their EO story.

EOA members who support employee owned businesses are also sharing why they support the case for more EO.

From staff picnics, volunteering for charities, away days, announcements of profit share and inviting MPs to visit, to writing blogs and sharing stories on their channels and websites, employee owners and employee owned businesses are helping raise awareness of this sector that contributes more than £30bn of UK GDP.

By sharing these stories and comments across digital channels employee owners and those interested in employee ownership are supporting the EOA’s mission to grow the size impact of the employee owned sector to 3 million employee owners by 2030.

In EO Day week two events took a deeper look at employee ownership starting with the Investment Association on Tuesday 26 and the ‘Employee Ownership in the Built Environment: An exploratory event for both trailblazers and the curious hosted’ by Arup and attended by 70 people on June 27.

The sharing of stories builds on the launch of the Ownership Dividend report, the findings and recommendations of the Ownership Effect Inquiry, drawn from the testimonies of 100 employee owned businesses and advisors, which was also held on June 27.

The EOA and Inquiry Chair Baroness Sharon Bowles and inquiry partners the eaga Trust and John Lewis Partnership, along with a panel of 20 business organisations, are urging the government to invest in capacity building to create more EO in the UK economy.

CEO of the EOA Deb Oxley said:

“This day of celebration of employee ownership encapsulates what these types of business do best with great demonstrations of employee voice, innovation, sharing business information and putting people at the heart of what they do.

“We thank everyone who is taking part and making some noise about employee ownership this EO Day.

“The government told us it was the stories of employee owned businesses from the Ownership Effect Inquiry which has really impressed them and we cannot wait to read those shared as part of the celebrations.”

EOA CEO Deb Oxley’s EO Day message is here on You Tube