Blog: The countdown is on to celebrate ‘Proudly EO’ businesses for EO Day  

There’s only a 100 days until this year’s EO Day. We guarantee it’ll be here before you know it. 

So mark your calendars for Friday June 21, appoint an EO Day lead, and/or assemble your team, and plan your EO Day activity. 

Let’s celebrate and reach new audiences about our fast-growing sector, that offers proven results. A sector that is #ProudlyEO. 

We’re excited to see what you and other members across the community do for this year’s EO Day. If previous years have been anything to go by, there’ll be plenty of passion and creativity on display in your celebrations.  

You should be rightly proud of the role you play in the EO community, whether you are one of the 1,700+ employee owned businesses, an adviser to EO businesses, or an EO champion. 

As evidenced in the EO Knowledge Programme, the EO sector punches well above its weight across multiple dimensions of impact for employees, communities, and the wider economy. 

This baseline data is a foundation on which we’ll continue to build – develop more EO businesses, evolve the blueprint for Great EO, and strengthen policy to ensure the future economy benefits from more businesses delivering Great EO impacts. 

Taking part in EO Day 2024 is one of the best ways you can help us to build on those foundations. 

So, if you’re an employee owned business, adopt the #ProudlyEO sector badge on your comms channels and factor the badge into your celebrations. 

For our EO advisers and champions, consider sharing the badge far and wide either by acknowledging your #ProudlyEO audience or sharing what the badge represents about people powered growth. 

As the sector grows, so does the EO Day activity with thousands of employee owners taking part in celebrations across hundreds of businesses. Messaging regularly reaches more than two million social media accounts as well as targeted activity with policy makers and business organisations. 

Together, we can foster a broader understanding of a better way of doing business and contribute to a better working world. 

So, let’s make EO Day 2024 the most successful yet. 

The EOA team has provided a roadmap of what you can expect on the lead up to EO Day.  

Your EO Day roadmap: 

  • April 6 – 75 days to go:  we’ll inspire you with stats and stories of past EO Days and examples of businesses using the badge. 
  • April 25 – Our EO Day landing page will go live with resources such as invites and press release templates. 
  • May 3 – 50 days to go: we’ll share the campaign pack with messaging and digital and print-ready collateral to support your activity. 
  • May 29 – 25 days to go: we want to hear what you’re doing for EO Day so we can share and amplify your efforts. 
  • June 10 – 10 days to go: we’ll highlight what’s going on in EO Day week. 
  • June 19 – EO Day: Light up social media with #EODay #ProudlyEO showcasing your badge, content and activity. 

As always, if you have any questions, ideas or need some tips, or just want to let us know what you’re up to, get in touch! Email