Biggest EOA Conference yet amplifies success of business that works for everyone

The EOA Conference 2016, sponsored by Capital for Colleagues, was not only a big success with more than 625 delegates, but also at making a huge noise about why employee ownership is better business.

Through the 3 key note speakers, 37 seminars and workshops, the 5 EO UK Award winners stories, and the EOA Investment Award winner, the stories of how the sector delivers success through giving employees a voice, having checks and balances on executive pay and greater employee representation in businesses chimed with the current political narrative from the Prime Minster.

As a result both during the conference, and after on the release of the Government’s Corporate Governance Green Paper was launched looking at Corporate Governance Reform on November 29, the national media turned to the EO sector, including the EOA, to hear how some of the proposed reforms can work well in practice.

Our Key note speaker Jack Stack, pioneer of the business leadership model known as Open Book Management and author of two books on the subject, The Great Game of Business and A Stake in the Outcome, inspired delegates with his story of how by teaching his staff business literacy, and as a 100% employee owned company, SRC has grown revenues profitably from $16M to $600M in the last 30years.

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The winner of the UK EO Award Employee Owner of the Year tells the story of how Lucy Humphrey of Leading Lives, a Social enterprise company Leading Lives, headquartered in Maidstone and Ipswich, was not only elected by employees to the board but became their chair, their employee ownership champion and brought in extra business as well as running her department.

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And Key note speakers Andrew Lane and Isobel Schofield from Union Industries, International manufacturer, headquartered in Leeds, told of their success since becoming employee owned two years ago. The team at Union Industries also scooped the Innovation of the Year Award which shows how involving staff in the ideas of the business allowed them to improve the energy efficiency of one of their key products by 52% contributing to a very profitable year for them.

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Peter Matthews, of Capital for Colleagues, said:

“The 2016 EOA “Best in Class” conference, this year attended by more than 625 delegates, was a huge success from our view-point.  We were delighted to once again be the main conference sponsor and hope that you all took advantage and enjoyed the opportunity to learn, share experiences and insights with other employee owners and industry experts.

“Held at a time when better business through better corporate governance is high on the Government’s agenda, the stories and learning shared at the event has never been more pertinent in demonstrating why employee ownership is better for business.”

Deb Oxley, CEO of the EOA, said:

“What has struck me this conference is that at a time when the role of employees, executive pay, innovation and productivity are high on the political agenda, we are full of perfect examples of the success elected employee representatives can deliver, where all employees have a voice and contribute to innovation and profitability and in the case of our EOA Investment Award winner a businesses whose mission is to “bring joy to all”, which is so refreshing to hear in contrast to some of the less positive business stories we have heard in the UK in 2016.”