#1MillionOwners Campaign Expands with Programme Manager Role

In July 2019 the Employee Ownership Association and Co-operatives UK launched the #1MillionOwners campaign, calling for the UK Government to invest in employee ownership and create a clear national policy objective to support a voluntary expansion of employee and worker-owned businesses.

As 2019 sees more and more high-profile businesses make the transition to employee ownership, the EOA and Co-operatives UK are expanding the scope of the #1MillionOwners campaign to further drive awareness of employee and worker ownership by working directly with Local Enterprise Partnerships.

This continued expansion of the EO sector and the successful growth of #1MillionOwners has led to an exciting new opportunity for the right person. Co-operatives UK are looking to recruit a Programme Manager dedicated to leading on the exciting #1MillionOwners campaign, working closely with the Employee Ownership Association to champion employee and worker ownership in the UK.

The Employee Ownership Association and Co-operatives UK feel this role will be key to delivering the goals of the #1MillionOwners project, aiming to achieve a fivefold expansion in employee and worker ownership over the next decade.

The Programme Manager will lead on building and nurturing relationships with key figures and organisations to raise awareness of employee and worker ownership models in the UK. The right person will be an enthusiastic problem solver with a passion for employee and worker ownership able to work across multiple partnerships.

To find out more about this exciting new opportunity, you can view the full job listing and apply on the Co-operatives UK website.