100 days to go: EOA launches 10th EO Day celebration of employee ownership 

The EOA is today launching the countdown to EO Day 2022 with a call to action for members, supporters, and stakeholders to come together to collectively raise awareness about employee ownership. 

Today marks the 100-day countdown to EO Day, which this year takes place on Friday, June 24, and – as recently first announced in Episode 2 of the EOA Podcast – has a theme of #GrowEO. 

Each year, thousands of employee owners, EO businesses and supporters from across the UK come together to celebrate and raise awareness of the benefits and impact of employee ownership on EO Day.  

The campaign routinely reaches more than one million users across social media as the EO sector and its supporters shout about all things employee ownership. 

This year marks the 10th EO Day and during that time employee ownership has grown across the sectors and regions of the UK. June 24 gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of the journey so far and the opportunity to further grow employee ownership and its impact on the economy. 

The EOA is calling on members and supporters of employee ownership to plant the seed of employee ownership in the minds of the nation and #GrowEO like never before. 

Ahead of his first EO Day at the EOA, new CEO James de le Vingne has said he wants to use this milestone to think about how we further increase the pace of growth of EO in the future: 

He said: “The sector has accelerated its growth in the past few years. This the 10th EO Day, it is a chance to reflect on the growth of the sector and think about how we can achieve twice the growth in half of the time, plus it offers the opportunity to not just grow the scale of the sector but also how we can demonstrate its impact.  

“In a recent survey, 70% of employee-owned businesses said they saw employee ownership as a socially responsible thing to do, with 77% of those surveyed having ‘making a positive contribution to society and environment’ as part of their purpose. 

“So, whether you want to shout about the growth in the sector, celebrate the growth of your employees or your business, or growing your sustainability, the main thing is to make sure you share something on social media on June 24th.” 

The EOA will further promote the event with 75, 50 and 25 days to go, with more information and resources being made available on the EO Day section of our website as we count down. An EO Day 2022 Digital Brochure will also be sent to all EOA members and supporters in the build-up to the day with tips of how to get involved. 

Visit the EO Day website here >>