Learn how to represent the views of employee owners to nurture a more resilient workforce. 

The need to listen to and represent employees’ views is becoming increasingly important in today’s ever-evolving world, but especially in an employee owned organisation, where everyone has the power to influence what happens within the company.


Gain the skills and behaviours needed to succeed as an employee voice representative

Learn best practice approaches from other organisations

Learn how to apply tools and techniques to amplify employee voice

Learn how to plan agendas for employee voice council meetings and effectively communicate outcomes with employee owners

Follow an actionable ‘Plan-do-review’ framework to ensure continuous development for your employees.

Our employee voice course helps to build a culture of empowerment that drives positive change, with a team of individuals that collectively work together to inspire and hear one another. 

Join us for two half days where course director Helen Moreton will teach you all the skills to develop and amplify employee voice – from exploring the meaning of employee voice to overcoming potential barriers.

“Katy and I found last September’s employee voice course immensely helpful for building a stronger culture of employee ownership here at DNCO.
As well as allowing us to learn from the experiences shared by other employee owned organisations, it also equipped us with strategies we could apply straight away to improving the way our colleagues communicate with senior leadership.
We’ve since carried out an enormously successful employee voice survey that led to significant measurable changes to the experience of working at DNCO – from health and wellbeing to sustainable practices and even WFH policy.”  Alex and Katy, DNCO

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30 – 31 January 2024

23  24 April 2024

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“Gathering and responding to employee voice is essential to building a good EO culture, plus a powerful way of creating a shared understanding of the impacts of things happening in society, such as the cost-of-living crisis.”
Helen Moreton