EO Learn - How To Be An Empowering Leader Or Manager In An EO Business

Telos and J Gadd Associates, in partnership with the EOA, have developed a programme to equip leaders and managers with the right tools and mindset to drive success in an employee-owned business.

This course will support leaders and managers in employee owned businesses to foster and develop a growth mindset, as well as engage, inspire and empower employees. Delegates will gain confidence and capability in core leadership skills and gather insight into how to unlock the potential of employee ownership to create high-performing teams.

The course will provide an immersive personal development programme of 5 virtual half-day sessions over three months consisting of a mixture of sharp, focused input, practical application and facilitated reflection on real experiences to bring the learning to life.

Effective management and leadership are essential to driving long term organisational performance and productivity.

However, management and leadership in an employee-owned business requires a different approach to that seen in other ownership structures and the EOA is delighted to invite you or your colleagues to participate in this new course, specifically aimed at manager and leaders in employee-owned businesses.

The Ownership Dividend report in 2018 evidenced that when then the interests of leaders and employee owners are aligned it unites them behind a common purpose allowing them to innovate, flex and demonstrate resilience.  From this, good leadership was identified as one of the three key building blocks of good employee ownership, bringing to life good governance and good communications and engagement.

Beyond the transition to employee-ownership, there is a transformative process that needs leaders that have a mindset that embraces change, encourages innovation, promotes learning, builds resilience, and delivers growth in themselves and others.

Find out more about the course in the brochure here.

Hear from people who have been on the course:

Delegates look to implement ‘little gems’ from ‘light-bulb moments’ during EOA’s ‘empowering leaders’ course

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Cohort 4

Module 1 September 29th
Module 2 October 13th
Module 3 November 3rd
Module 4 November 17th
Module 5 December 8th

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Quotes & Testimonials

“One of the things I really enjoyed about the course is that not everybody was at the same stage of EO, there were some people that haven’t even gone into EO, some that have just got over the line, some have been it for a few months, some a few years, and some have been in it a lot of years and it was interesting to get that parameter that every day was a school day regardless of how far in or out you were.” Barry – Coastal UK Group

“The course was a good balance of talking about employee ownership, but also all of the skills that it was trying to teach you to bring to the table, a good cross-section of experiences” Debbie – WCF

“There were a couple of topics where I thought ‘I’m not going to learn anything here out of this certain area’, but actually I did, there are still areas where you can do things differently or better as a leader, and there are quite a few light bulb moments where you’ve not thought of it.” Steve – Gripple

“I found the learning groups useful to gain further understanding from others, it was great to learn about other EO companies and their journeys, seeing their feedback and guidance. The learning literature was clear and I’ll continue to refer to it on my journey.” Debbie – Chums