Our EO Learn courses bring the insight of the EOA together with learning partners from the sector. Together we deliver learning that supports employee owned businesses to develop an effective employee ownership culture.

The three main subject areas are leadership, governance, and engagement and communications. All of the courses benefit from experienced course leaders and peer-to-peer learning and support from other employee owned businesses sharing insight and supporting each other.

Unleash the potential of your business with EO Learn

Employee owned businesses achieve higher productivity and are more resilient to economic turbulence. Excellent employee ownership boils down to 3 key factors: 1. Good leadership 2. Good communication 3. Good governance.

Empowering Leadership in an EO Business

EOA Course delivery partners: Telos and J Gadd Associates
Course Leaders: Coralie Hooper, Telos, and Garry Davis, J Gadd Associates
Format: Virtual, 5 modules over the course of 2-3 months

A programme to equip leaders and managers with the right tools and mindset to drive success in an employee owned business. Includes Growth Mindset assessment and personal development plan alongside learning and peer-to-peer support groups.

Employee Trustee & Employee Director

Course Director: Ken Lindsay
Format: Virtual, five sessions during the course of one week

This established and popular course is highly practical giving Employee Trustees and Employee Directors a solid understanding of the requirements of their new role, as well as demonstrating how they can maximise their performance as a trustee or director. It offers examples and opportunities to hear from employee owned businesses who are willing to share insight.

Representing and Developing Employee Voice

Course Director: Helen Moreton, Boombox Consulting
Format: Virtual, two mornings

Employee Voice is an essential part of developing good employee ownership and delivering an effective employee ownership culture, which empowers employee owners to be part of the solution for any challenges or opportunities the organisation is facing.

Helen will engage you in an interactive online workshop to explore and learn with your peers in an energetic and focused way, whilst highlighting and sharing best practice. If you have a role that relates to employee voice in your business, you can grow your understanding and develop your processes through this course, whether you are new to employee ownership or you are looking to refresh your approach.

Independent Trustee Course

Becoming an Independent Trustee

Course Director: Sue Lawrence and Campbell McDonald 
Format: Virtual, three mornings over 3 days.

This is the perfect course to challenge your understanding, develop your skills and align your specific expertise and knowledge to the requirements and expectations of becoming an Independent Trustee.

This new course takes a best practice approach to develop the fundamental skills needed to ensure effective EOT governance and recognise the maturity of an EO business and gain an understanding of how the role of the Trust, and Independent Trustee changes as a result.

EO Succession planning

Effectively navigate your Leadership Succession

Course Director: Telos and J Gadd Associates
Format: In-person, 1 day 

This new 1 day course is the perfect course if you are an individual or leadership team taking over as the role as a successor of an employee owned business.

During this new one day course, individuals will learn how to weave ‘Great Ownership’ and Great Governance’ into the unique fabric of their business, whilst exploring the ‘7 elements of sustainable success’ that will set their leadership journey on the right path.