Member Services

Being an EOA member gives you access to advice from your account manager, introductions to peers and a range of services to help bring to life employee ownership in your business.

You’ll find a summary of these services below with links to where you can find more information. The EOA will be continuing to expand our range of member services over time, so be sure to check back here or keep an eye on your inbox to discover the latest offerings from the EOA.


EO Trustee Search

Our EO Trustee Search offers three options for our members to find and recruit an Independent Trustee, or to get support in doing so.

Our members rated support in finding an independent trustee as one the top three priorities when it came to ways the EOA could support their employee ownership journey.

Having an Independent Trustee helps to deliver robust governance – offering objective insight and support  to represent the interests of the business’ employee owners and in delivering on the purpose of the business.

Click here to discover three new products to meet the needs of different businesses.


EO Learn

The “EO Learn” suite of courses provides training opportunities for a range of roles relevant to EO Businesses supporting the governance, leadership and employee voice needed to build an effective employee ownership culture . Find out more by clicking here.


EO Hub

Connect with other EOA members on our exclusive digital networking platform the EO Hub. Use the Member Directory to connect directly with individuals from other EO businesses, or use the forum to gather insights from expert advisors and practical advice from other EOA member. The EO Hub also allows access to resources from all of our digital events including recordings and discussion notes. Click here to begin exploring the EO Hub.


Learning & Networking Events

EOA Conversations – we facilitate sector, profession and EO model based peer to peer conversations covering the subjects of communications and engagement, HR, finance, elected representatives, public services mutuals, EO business leaders as well as owners & founders of businesses looking to become employee owned.

Virtual Network Meetings – a chance to hear from employee owned businesses delivering case studies that relate to good employee ownership and/or discuss key employee ownership topics in break-out rooms.

View our events diary – new dates added regularly. Upcoming Events – Employee Ownership Association

You’ll also find the recordings and discussion notes from our events in the resources section of the EO Hub.