The Employee Ownership Association (EOA) is the go-to place to develop good employee ownership.

With more than 550+ corporate members, who have an estimated combined 160,000 employees, we connect, offer learning, share insight, and champion employee ownership.

From webinars to peer groups  such as; HR, Comms & Engagement, Finance and Elected Representatives we share and develop best practice and insight on employee ownership as well as ethical business and ways of working.

Coming up at the EOA

October 3&4, Liverpool ACC, is the EOA Annual Conference, offering more than 3o learning sessions,  including keynote interviews, speed seminars, and case study seminars, plus plenty of opportunities to network and celebrate.

Our three EO coursesEmpowering Leadership, Employee Trustee /Director and Representing Employee Voice are running in June, July, September, and November.

We offer a wealth of content on transitioning to employee ownership as well as bringing employee ownership to life in your business.


Three steps to growing an effective employee ownership culture:

Good Governance

Good governance in employee ownership ensures that your employee-owners have a say as well as a stake, which includes elected representatives on councils, the Trust or main board.

To help support good governance, the EOA provides training for Elected Trustees & Directors to ensure those new to the role understand their responsibilities and perform to the best of their abilities, as well as services to help employee owned businesses acquire an Independent Trustee.

We also produce a range of content for our members to support their good governance, take a look:


Good Leadership

Good leadership in employee ownership requires a different approach to that found in other businesses, presenting unique challenges but also providing unique rewards. When the interests of leaders and employee owners are aligned behind a common purpose the evidence shows that employee owned businesses can achieve greater levels of productivity and employee satisfaction.

The EOA can support good leadership through our “How To Be An Empowering Leader” course that aims to provide leaders in employee owned businesses with the skills and confidence to inspire and lead their fellow employee owners.

EOA members also have access to a wide range of content to help develop their leadership skills, such as:

Good Engagement

Perhaps the most elusive of the three pillars of good employee ownership, good engagement in EO is all about making employees really feel like owners, and to buy-in to the goals and ethos behind employee ownership, even when a financial incentive may not be possible.

EOA members also have the opportunity to learn from those who’ve already put in the hard work to engage and empower their employee owners, take a look at this video for a fantastic example of good engagement in an EO business:

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