EOA Virtual Network Meetings

We’ve had many requests and queries about our Regional Network Meetings, and we want to let you know that we hear you! The EOA’s series of Virtual Network Meetings will provide members with an opportunity to hear from other employee owned businesses through case study presentations and Q&A, followed by the opportunity to network in smaller groups on specific topics unique to employee ownership.

With a diverse membership representing most sectors, sizes and locations across the UK, these meetings are an opportunity to develop new contacts, discuss challenges and opportunities and share best practice and learning.

Who can attend

Anyone from our membership can attend the EOA Virtual Network Meetings and our members are encouraged to promote the meetings to colleagues at all levels within the business, so that they too can gain from this valuable opportunity.

Click here to see our events diary for all our upcoming meetings and details on how to sign up.

What you can expect from a Virtual Network Meeting:

  • Host members sharing their employee ownership stories with interactive Q&A sessions.
  • Open Space Discussion – for members to address challenges and share ideas, to maximise the opportunities of becoming or being employee owned
  • Learn more about what the EOA is doing for the employee ownership sector in the UK

Virtual Network Meeting Reviews

“The session worked well – I liked the mix of input and discussion groups.”

“This was the first time I had attended the meeting – it was really well organised and meeting protocols were explained to help everyone – the break out room sessions were really interesting and well managed and I found them very useful”

“The new session worked well. The online sessions make attending far more practical and possible than F2F.”

“I am so glad you have decided to introduce these sessions. The network events are so important to the way that we stay in touch as a community of employee owners.”

Watch Previous Sessions Here


EOA Conversations

The EOA will be facilitating a series of high-level Conversations between our members over the coming months. The purpose of these conversations is to connect small groups of EO members through providing an opportunity to share insights, knowledge and both short and longer term challenges with your peers.  

This can be either be sector-sector, peer-peer or it may be an issue which members wish to collaborate in addressing a common challenge.  For example, members may agree to collaborate on addressing a common challenge, which provides intelligence to influence policy makers that there is a groundswell of businesses demanding change.  

The conversations are led by members, who chair the session and set the agenda, these meetings give people of similar interests a chance to network and share intelligence – emulating a digital roundtablfor 90 minutes.  

The conversations will take place under Chatham House rules, but a summary of the conversation will be produced and shared on the EO Hub.  The notes will not be attributed to any individual or organisation 

You can find out more and register for upcoming EOA Conversation sessions on our events listings page.