On June 24th  2022 we celebrated the 10th annual EO Day.

We asked EOA members and supporters of the sector to help us plant the seed of EO in the minds of the nation to #GrowEO like never before – as always you did not disappoint!

We reached more than 1.9Million accounts through social media. Watch a video snapshot from social media of what EO businesses got up to for EO Day 2022 here:

Check out how we all celebrated EO Day via our Interactive Map here >>

What is EO Day?

Each EO Day, thousands of employee owners, EO businesses and supporters of Employee Ownership come together to raises awareness of the benefits of employee ownership.

Traditionally a week full of activity culminates in a day of celebration that is shared across social media,  and giving thousands of employee owners, and supporters of the sector, a platform to shout about employee ownership.

Getting involved

The EOA provides digital and print ready assets for EO Day, as part of a pack that helps us all to reach out those who can influence the growth of the sector – from celebrating with your employee owners to inviting your MP to your business and sharing this activity on social media and beyond on the day! We provide a resources pack each year to help you plan how to celebrate an reach out on EO Day.

This Year’s Theme – #GrowEO

Since it started 10 years ago, the reach of EO Day and the scale of the sector has grown – both have more than doubled in the past few years – now we have the opportunity to accelerate the pace of growth and reach even wider audiences about employee ownership and its impact on the economy.

Employee ownership is evidenced as delivering benefits for employees, for businesses as well as providing a succession solution that roots jobs sustainably for the longer term.

Employee Owned businesses are more productive, more resilient and are rooted in their local areas and communities, securing good jobs for the longer term in the regions.

We believe a plan to grow more employee ownership in the regions has an essential role to play in delivering the government’s Levelling Up agenda, as part of regional economic recovery strategies.

Employee ownership promotes investing in the long-term, looking honestly at Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) issues and how best to tackle them. In a recent survey, 70% of employee owned businesses said they saw employee ownership as a socially responsible thing to do, with 77% of those surveyed having ‘making a positive contribution to society and environment’ as part of their purpose.

Employee ownership helps to grow individuals too, with employee owners who empowered through a stake and a say report feeling high levels of accomplishment and satisfaction with their employer, with the ability to share in the wealth that they help to create. So what’s not to like? #GrowEO

Our EO Day Sponsor: The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan

Diet business Cambridge Weight Plan became employee-owned in 2014, before going on to win the Employee Owned Business of the Year Award in 2019. Its manufacturing plant, which produces its 1:1 Diet sachets, bars, meal packs and tubs, and offices are both based at the same site in Corby in Northamptonshire.