Join us for EO Day 2021, a national celebration of employee ownership on June 25 2021, and shout about why business is #BetterTogether for the individual, the business and the economy.

What is EO Day?

Each EO Day, thousands of employee owners, EO businesses and supporters of Employee Ownership come together to raises awareness of the benefits of employee ownership.

Traditionally a week full of activity culminates in a day of celebration that is shared across social media, reaching over a million people across Twitter & LinkedIn and giving everyone a reason to shout about employee ownership.

Together, Even If We’re Apart

This year for a second time we’re planning to celebrate EO Day digitally, though if the conditions are met, the current COVID-19 roadmap means this year there could be some in-person celebrating allowed, keep your fingers crossed!.

However, even if we are physically apart, this hasn’t been a barrier for us being #BetterTogether in business.

This Year’s Theme – #BetterTogether

This year’s #EODay theme reflects what we have been hearing from our members:

  • When it comes to economic resilience, we are #BetterTogether
  • When it comes to mental health & wellbeing, we are #BetterTogether
  • When it comes to delivering good business practices, we are #BetterTogether
  • When it comes to promoting diversity & inclusion, we are #Better Together
  • As employee owners, as a business and as a sector, we are #BetterTogether

Within a business, EO delivers better engagement, better governance, and better leadership. Over time these benefits foster trust and the ability to bring employees together behind a common purpose to flex and adapt to the changing needs of the economy and society.

Like interlocked circles the benefits of employee ownership create a scaffold around the business that helps it to react to shocks and together bounce back during a crisis.

It also positions the business well when it comes to key topics in focus over the past year including mental health, diversity and inclusion, resilience & recovery as well as promoting better Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG) and innovating new ways of working.

The Road to #EODay 2021

As we get closer to EO Day we’ll be releasing more content to help you plan your celebrations, take a look at our roadmap below to see what you can expect over the next 100 days, then keep on scrolling to see how you can get involved in #EODay 2021.

Our EO Day Sponsor: Unity Trust Bank

Unity Trust Bank is a commercial bank with a social conscience.  We provide day-to-day banking,Unity Trust Bank deposit services and commercial loans and mortgages to businesses and organisations that share our values.

We believe in delivering positive social impact, not simply maximising profit.  Our purpose is to help organisations to prosper and contribute to economic, community and environmental change.  Put simply, we’re here to help create a better society.

0345 140 1000


How can we get involved in EO Day 2021?

We want you to tell us why you’re #BetterTogether, as employee owners, as a business, and as a community  – see our roadmap to EO Day above and take a look at what else you can get involved with in the run-up to EO Day:


Catch up on our Getting Involved In EO Day – Webinar

We covered this year’s #BetterTogether theme, ways to reach out to raise awareness, ways to tell your EO story and how together we can make employee ownership a talking point in June.

Watch the recording here.


Reaching out

Take a look at our EO Day 2021 Campaign Pack to find templates for contacting:

  • MPs
  • The media
  • Regional business organisations e.g. FSB, Chambers of Commerce or LEPs
  • Other EO businesses or your suppliers and customers

You’ll also find graphics for use on your social media posts, Zoom background, profile pictures and more!


EO Stories

The EOA, in partnership with Baxendale, is calling for you to tell your stories of how being better together in business has helped during a time of great change.

Find out more about EO Stories and how you can submit your story to be voted on by the community in anticipation of a celebration event later this year.


EO Day Micro Surveys

By taking a few minutes to answer these questions, you are helping to build a better picture of the performance of the EO sector in the face of COVID-19, informing and supporting the EOA’s future campaigning and lobbying activities. We’ll be sharing the results of these surveys on the 25th of June as part of our EO Day celebrations.


EO Health & Wellbeing Surveys

Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace has never been more important as we’ve all faced the Covid-19 crisis. We know that employee owned businesses put people first and we want to understand how important this has been to you during these challenging times.

We’ve prepared two surveys, one for EOBs and one for Public Service Mutuals, these can be completed by anyone in your organisation so please do share these surveys as widely as possible. These surveys should only take around 4 minutes to complete.

Complete the EOB Health & Wellbeing Survey
Complete the Public Service Mutual Health & Wellbeing Survey


EO Business Resilience Survey

The Covid-19 crisis has presented all businesses with challenges and disruption, the likes of which we have not seen for a generation. Anecdotal evidence has told us that employee owned businesses were more resilient than their non-employee owned counterparts throughout the crisis, so the EOA is looking to explore this in more detail.

These questions are designed to be answered by senior leaders in EOBs with access to financial and operational information, they should only be completed once per organisation. Your answers are confidential and will not be publically attributed to your organisation without explicit consent.

Complete the EO Business Resilience Survey

By taking part you’ll help our efforts to reach out to the media with compelling stories alongside our EO Day data release.

On social

This year our big ask is to show us what we’re calling your “Circles of EO”, the 3 (or more!) core ingredients that combine to make you #BetterTogether as a business.

Whether you do this by using the template in the Campaign Pack, by baking cakes, making paper chains or making a display with your team is entirely up to you! However you decide to demonstrate your circles of EO, just make sure to take some pictures and make some noise on social media, follow us @EmployeeOwned and join the conversation using the campaign hashtags: #EODay and #BetterTogether.

You can download social graphics, templates, Zoom backgrounds, profile picture frames and more via the “Get the Campaign Pack” button below to help you with your EO Day celebrations. If you’d like a little inspiration, take a look at what we all got up to for EO Day 2020.


Get In Touch

If you have any questions, need some tips and tricks or just want to let us know what you’re up to for EO Day, we want you to get in touch!

Email us at or speak to our Digital Marketing Officer, Ross Herring on 07522295142.