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This year was the 8th annual EO Day which took place on Friday 26th June.

EO Day is the national celebration of employee ownership and all things employee owned in the UK. It brings together the EO sector and supporters to celebrate and raise awareness of the impact employee ownership has on individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

Unfortunately our usual announcements and original plans for EO Day were affected by the COVID-19 crisis. However, taking our lead from our amazing members we listened, engaged and adapted with the aim of bringing the EO Community together to celebrate and champion employee ownership.

The UK economy needs to have the best possible chance of recovery; with businesses that can be resilient, adapt and offer a fairer more inclusive economy.

For this reason, we believe there is a significant role for EO to play in helping the UK to #buildbackbetter because:

  • It provides a succession plan that helps to root jobs and investment in regions for the longer term;
  • It provides individuals with a stake and say in the place they work;
  • Who through transparency and effective engagement and communications are united behind a common purpose;
  • Which helps individuals drive better productivity and performance and in businesses that are able to adapt, flex and innovate.

On a less serious note, making some time to have fun and share what resonates with your values felt like a great thing to do!

This year’s theme was – EO is the Answer!

How can businesses in the UK unite their workforces behind a common purpose? #EOIsTheAnswer How can the UK make sure that there is a better and fairer balance of reward and pay? #EOIsTheAnswer How can we support businesses to empower people to drive performance and productivity? #EOIsTheAnswer Why at my business do I feel like we are all in this together? #EOIsTheAnswer How have we managed to engage our workforce during this crisis? #EOIsTheAnswer

It seems that in 2020, many of us were asking big questions about the future of the UK economy and the ways that we do business. We believed that the answer to many of these questions is Employee Ownership! Which is why we asked you to help us raise awareness and add your big questions that employee ownership is the answer to, and share them online with as many people as possible, and you certainly did that!

378 of you tweeted 2122 times

Reaching 1.1 Million accounts

And made 4.4 Million impressions

This year, Linkedin saw 891 #EODay posts

You also took to Facebook to make 103 posts.

106 of our EOA members shared their stories on social media

Including 500+ photos

37 news articles

33 videos and vlogs

And most importantly, 81 cakes!

Thank you for making #EODay 2020 as impactful as ever, and showing the world why #EOIsTheAnswer


Thank You To Our EODay 2020 Sponsor: Baxendale

EO Day 2020 celebrations were kindly sponsored by EOA Member Baxendale.

About Baxendale

Baxendale are specialist advisers on employee ownership. They have been helping businesses transition into employee ownership for twenty years and have advised over 100 businesses. They are an employee owned business and have been owned by a trust since 1983. Their mission is to support their clients to transform, thrive and grow in a way that creates positive economic, social and environmental change.