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EO Day 2019

EO Day is the national celebration of employee ownership and a major opportunity to raise awareness of the economic benefits and positive impact the sector has on the UK economy.

EO Day 2019 will take place on Friday 28 June and we are encouraging employee owned businesses, employee owners and those who support the sector to communicate what about employee ownership makes them smile.

We want you to celebrate with a smile, help spread a smile or support our 40th anniversary appeal to Give a Healthy Smile.

We are delighted employee owned business Gripple is celebrating it’s 30th year by sponsoring EO Day 2019.

  • Celebrate with a smile

    To celebrate and create some noise for EODay 2019 we’re asking employee owners: What about being EO makes you smile?

    • Using the EO Day campaign pack, get together, take a photo and post it on #EODay via social media channels or share it with us to post.
    • Get together, eat, compete, share your EO stories and celebrate what EO means to you, your business and the communities you serve.

    We have lots of ideas of how you can celebrate – see how our members and stakeholders celebrated via social media last year, reaching more than 1.3m through their channels, from our 2018 roundup.

  • Spread a Smile

    Spread a smile by helping us to expand our reach x40 in our 40th year:

    • Help connect us with our target of 40 new MPs – by introducing us to your local MP (see digital pack for template)
    • Connect us with regional influencers such as sector or professional representatives e.g. RIBA, CIPD, LEP, IOD.
    • Write an article, blog or record a short video on what makes you smile and make sure you share it with us/ on social media tagging in any influencers on EO Day – we’re aiming for 40! (see digital pack for article template)
    • Invite an influencer (MP or regional sector or professional representative) to celebrate EO Day with you!


Give a Healthy Smile

We feel the EO sector offers impacts through better business for individuals and communities including addressing some of the inequalities in health and wealth. So this year we want to go one step further to Give a Healthy Smile to those in deprived communities.

We want employee owned businesses to come together to leave a legacy. In the EOA’s 40th year we are asking you to help us to Give a Healthy Smile to 4,000 children in the UK by helping to raise £40,000.

Working in partnership with Community Dental Services the programme aims to tackle a preventable problem – NHS figures reveal that almost 42,911 children were admitted to hospital for a general anaesthetic to remove teeth last year. That equates to a staggering 170 children every day. It’s the single largest reason why children aged between five and nine are admitted to hospital, which impacts not just on the individual child’s health but also their wellbeing and that of their family. Together we can make a difference – Visit our webpage to find out more


Get involved:

  • Download our 2019 Campaign Pack – fill in your name and email below and you’ll get a link to the campaign pack.
  • Share your plans for EO Day with us at eoday@employeeownership.co.uk
  • Get in touch to discuss how you have the most impact on EO Day – speak to Marketing Executive Alex Fuller on (01482) 667122.
  • Follow us on Social Media to keep up to date with the latest news: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook



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