David Wroe of Gripple is the winner of the of the UK EO Awards Employee Owner of the Year 2019. The award celebrates an individual who is a true champion of employee ownership inside the business and beyond.

David's reaction:

“I am amazed and surprised at winning this award. It is a privilege to manage people to support them to be their best. If you get good people working for you then you can get amazing results, it’s all about them not me. I will be sharing this with people at work and I hope they understand they are part of it – the 100 people at Riverside who work with me.”

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Classed as the ‘go to’ person both inside Gripple and beyond David Wroe inspires, supports and empowers his fellow owners at Gripple to drive performance. Judges noted that David: "Is an exemplar and living the key values of Gripple’s employee ownership model. Honesty, integrity, and commitment are words that have been used and he puts everything into giving staff both shop floor and office based a sense of purpose and voice, and importantly they understand how and what they do can affect the bottom line of the business to great effect.” Read more of his story here